also known as Essentials for KissAnime.

Essentials for KissAnime Extension Privacy Policy

The privacy policy described below applies to the Essentials for KissAnime (KissEssentials) extension and not the site.

What information is being stored within the extension?

The preferences that the user sets within the options page are all synced to the user's google/firefox/microsoft account (if allowed by the user's sync settings) using the Storage Sync API.

If the user chooses to use the Anilist/MAL/Kitsu Integration features, they will need to login to those services. Their login credentials will never be stored and only be sent to the appropriate service for authentication. The access token that is generated on login will be stored locally and used for all API calls to the appropriate service whenever needed.

What information is collected?

With basic usage of the extension, we (the KissEssentials team) only store HTTP logs (which includes IP addresses). The logs are automatically deleted after 48 hours.

If the user chooses to use the Anilist/MAL/Kitsu Integration features, the locally stored access token will be used to perform authenticated API calls. This access token will never be transmitted anywhere else (including us) execpt to the appropriate service when making API calls.

External services like MyAnimeList, Kitsu, and Anilist may also collect HTTP logs. Do note that the KissEssentials team have no control over what these external services collect or store.

If interested you may view the privacy policy of the external services used within the extension below.

How do we use the information?

The collected/stored data is used to provide additional features/services to the user such as provide them with additional information about the current anime they are viewing and allow them to sync what they watch with services like MyAnimeList, Kitsu, and Anilist.

What information/data do we share?

None of the collected information/data is shared with third-parties other than what has already been stated above.