also known as Essentials for KissAnime.

Does the extension still block ads or auto solves the captcha?

Not anymore. As older users may remember, the extension used to block ads and auto solve the captchas. I have decided to not includes those features as of version 3.0. This decision was made pretty early during the rewrite process. I want to avoid another mass ban like the one that happened back in May of 2018.

Well if the extension doesn't block ads, is there an alternative?

You can use uBlock Origin (Chrome, Firefox) if you want to block ads along with a certain filter list to get around most if not all ad annoyances (You can find this list floating around in certain subreddits or discord servers). This filter list may be required (or other similar filters) otherwise the site will block you from watching any videos.

Some custom images added with the Custom Scheme/Header Logos features are not working. What is the problem?

Most likey this issue is caused by uBlock Origin or other simliar ad-blockers you may have installed. A filter list named EasyList is blocking all third-party images (images that does not originate from KissAnime itself) from loading. To work around this, add the following to a new line within your ad-blocker filters.


Why does the extension need the permissions it asks for?

The extension requires various permissions for it to fully function. There are some optional permissions that will only be requested if the associated feature is enabled. Below is a list of every permission used by the extension and why it is needed.

Host Permissions This is required for the extension to function. Read and change your data on all sites. Essentials for KissAnime API. This is required to retrieve data like seasons list, update checks, announcements, etc. Read and change your data on This is required so I can fully replace the NovelPlanet player with my own. Read and change your data on all sites. This is required so I can fully replace the Mp4Upload player with my own. Read and change your data on all sites.
API Permissions
alarms This allows me to set timers that will run certain actions on a set interval. N/A
notifications This allows me to display notifications. Display notifications
storage This allows me to store data like settings, pinned lists, custom schemes, etc in either local or sync storage. N/A
unlimitedStorage At the moment this is going unused. The plan is to eventually create a theme manager and add the ability to store multiple custom schemes. N/A
webRequest/webRequestBlocking This allows the extension to modify the request headers of the and sites to allow me to replace their players with my own. N/A
webNavigation I use this to determine when the page is available so I can dynamically insert styling into the page before it gets rendered. This way I can avoid the jarring styling flash that happens when you insert css into the page after it has already been rendered. Read your browsing history

Visit the Chrome Extension Documention if you want more information on the different permissions and their warnings.

Why doesn't the video auto play in firefox?

Recent versions of firefox is no longer allowing video that plays sound to autoplay on page load. Nothing I can really do about it.

Is the extension source public?

Not yet! I plan to at some point but in the meantime if you want to view the source you can by finding the extension's folder in your user directory.

If you have a question that was not answered here or need help with something relating to the extension, you can find me on the KissEssentials Discord Server.