also known as Essentials for KissAnime.
Before you continue, I cannot offer much so please only contribute if you want to support me and/or the extension and not expect much in return. I will try to provide benefits to supporters whenever I can whether by providing early access to new features before releasing to the public or with supporter only features.

Patreon (Monthly)


Supporter ($1)
  • Thanks for your support!
Onii-chan ($3)
Senpai ($5)
  • Your name will appear within the extension itself in the options page and whenever the Cloudflare page (Please wait 5 seconds page) appears.
  • Previous rewards.

Ko-fi (One-time)


1 Coffee ($3)
  • Thanks for your support!
  • Discord role on the KissEssentials discord server.
  • Your name will appear under Supporters on the Supporters page.

Note: In order to receive your reward(s), you will need to first join our discord server then private message on discord (Pilar#6195) with your transaction ID to confirm.