also known as Essentials for KissAnime.

KissAnime 2.0

Essentials for KissAnime (KissEssentials) provides a whole new user experience from disabling site features you might not use to changing the header logo to even completely redesigning the site with your own theme!

extension screenshot

Custom Scheme

Customize the site to your liking! With KissEssentials you are given the ability to change to site colors to whatever you like. Don't like that yellow link color? You can change it! Don't like the green KissAnime color that is used everywhere on the site? Change it! Want to rep your favorite waifu/husbando? Set him/her as your background! The choice is yours. If you find something that can't be customized, let me know and I'll see what I can do 😃.

extension screenshot

Various Video Page Features

KissEssentials provides various video page options that enhances the user watching experience from something as small as pausing the video when you tab away to adding adding additional Keyboard Shortcuts to even completely replacing the video player itself!

extension screenshot

Theater Mode

Want a bigger video player but don't want to fullscreen? Well look no further. One of the features KissEssentials provides is a YouTube like Theater Mode. On page load the player will smoothly enlarge itself to just the right size 👌. Pretty fancy if you ask me.

extension screenshot

Full list of Features

Global Features

  • Restyled site with a new minimal look
  • Toggle comment sections
  • Custom theme support tons of options
  • Change header logo
  • Toggle slim header
  • Toggle footer
  • MAL integration
    Partially implemented.
  • Kitsu integration
    Partially implemented.
  • AniList integration
    Partially implemented.

Homepage Features

  • Season lists
    Lists anime from every anime season as far back as Fall 2015.
  • Pinned lists
    Allows you to pin anime to your homepage for easy access.
  • Alternate latest update list
    Changes the latest update view from a grid view to a list view.
  • Toggle homepage banner

Videopage Features

  • Custom video player
    One universal player that is consistent thoughout all supported video hosts.
  • Center video on load
  • Toggle lights off switch
  • Toggle bookmark link
  • Autoplay video on load (Chrome only)
  • Pause video on tab switch
  • Auto player next episode
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Playback rate selector
  • Auto "fullscreen" (Requires F11 fullscreen)
  • Theater Mode
  • Stretch video to fit player (For 4:3 video)
  • Video Syncing
    Create/join rooms and groupwatch anime with friends!
And more to come!